HandySoft BizFlow

Today, businesses are keenly aware of the competitive advantage of operating streamlined internal business processes whether they are in the insurance industry or any other transaction oriented segment. Not only do business processes need to be well designed and documented, but they also need to be automated and optimized to increase the organizational efficiency and eliminate bottlenecks. BizFlow easily integrates with existing information technology systems, and helps organizations achieve strategic business goals by reducing inefficiencies in their processes.

BizFlow is a leading workflow and business process automation platform with extensive integration capabilities with other enterprise systems. We have over five years of implementation experience with this product. Not only do we use BizFlow to automate business processes, we have extensive experience integrating the solution with Documentum ECM, Microsoft SharePoint Server, Microsoft BizTalk Server and various other products. Leveraging BizFlow's inherent SOA capabilities, it can virtually integrate with any standards-compliant product that supports web services.

Using BizFlow to adopt Six Sigma methodology for business process quality improvement is extremely easy due to its business-oriented user-friendly tools such as Process Designer.