Our clients are business owners, executives and senior managers at organizations that would like to improve their business performance. Our clients range from public and private commercial organizations to State and Federal governments. Our current clients include: Internal Revenue Service (IRS/IA&E) and Department of Defense/TRICARE. We also provided technology management services to Department of Justice/HSPD-12 PMO, Department of Defense/DISA/PL-DITCO EBM, EPA eRulemaking, Lexis-Nexis, Northrop Grumman, Booz Allen Hamilton, Johnson & Johnson and others.

[Lt. Col. (ret.) US Army] Peter M. Sload, President, ITility, LLC says:

I, personally, have known and worked with the President of Bithop Systems since 2004, when I was still on active duty as an Army lieutenant colonel and serving with the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) as an IT systems program manager.  I highly recommend the firm and their capability to architect and deliver technical solutions and manage IT portfolios for DoD organizations.”  

David T. Lawson, Senior Manager, Internal Revenue Service, US Department of Treasury says:

“The contractor participated in architecture, design, development and testing of infrastructure for a number of IRS systems, primarily on modernized electronic filing using web services and XML with strong authentication, but also on COTS common services and other application systems…solution contribution and reporting were excellent…greatest strengths are discipline and flexibility to deal with any situation that may arise…will award contract to this contractor.”

Carol Huber, Chief, IA&E IPM, Internal Revenue Service, US Department of Treasury says:

Sohail Shaikh is in his fourth year of supporting MeF, a large tax processing application critical for the IRS filing season.  He provided excellent support to the government Project Manager.  And, when the government PM retired, Sohail carried the entire PM workload except for sensitive acquisition and budget tasks.  He is leading a major infrastructure enhancement for MeF Release 7.0 and is doing a superb job coordinating technical and project management details with numerous stakeholders.  He pays attention to detail, has an excellent work ethic and exhibits polish when dealing with challenging situations.  He quickly grasps new technical concepts and explains them with clarity.  He thinks like an experienced Project Manager.  Overall, it is a pleasure working with Sohail Shaikh.”

Shane Aubel, Founder/Partner, Accent Global System Architects, LLC says:

Sohail was a superb consultant providing invaluable business process and technology consulting contributions to the Enterprise Business Modernization (EBM) project. Sohail displays a rare ability to grasp both the technical and business aspect of problems. I highly recommend Sohail's services as a senior business and technology consultant.”